Epping Forest Visitor Centre View Gallery

Many thanks to all of the contributors for their wonderful work. I really think it’s the best exhibition we’ve done in my time with EAC.

Members paintings of the Forest

Alison Stenhouse

Tree Tunnel Epping Forest

Alison Stenhouse

Skywards through the trees

Aliso Stenhouse

Old Oak Tree

Nataly Kenny
The “Bluebells season was,  unfortunately, rejected because of the girl picking the flowers. I hope it is OK for the website. On the third one, my granddaughter contemplating the paintings during the private view. 

Nataly Kenny

John Tookey

Winter crazing is an oil on board. 

Originally it was painted without snow, but I felt it wasn’t working. I decided to turn into a snow scene to give it more drama. It still wasn’t working so I added the sheep to give it a focal point. 

I often give old paintings ‘CPR’ if I come up with an idea to improve them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

Victoria King
Knighton Woods Study 1
Victoria King

Knighton Woods Study 2